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Are you ready for Spring?

With Winter wrapping up and Spring right around the corner there's a lot we can do to ensure our trees and shrubs are ready for the Spring season. Here's some advice on what you can do now.

  • Nutrients and organic soil products applied now help maintain a living soil which also provides whats needed for spring leaf development. (Applying now. Contact us to schedule)

  • Seasonal adjustments to watering schedules and inspecting your irrigation system to confirm its in top shape.

  • Relieving soil compaction helps roots receive the oxygen they need to remain vigorous growth.

  • Pruning to remove broken, dead and diseased limbs.

  • Correctly mulching beds and removing mulch and soil from the base of woody stem trees and shrubs so they don't rot.

  • Rake or mulch fallen leafs . If fallen leafs show signs of leaf spot its important to rake and remove them. They serve as a source of infection to this year's growth.

  • Its still a good time to plant trees and shrubs. Be sure to follow proper planting procedures and select a site that is suited for the particular species.

  • Schedule a visit with Green Tree & Shrub Care your I.S.A.Certified Arborist to complete a seasonal check-up.

Spring is a great time to be outdoors so set aside time to view some beautiful, Spring Wildflowers!

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